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Watch ~ The Criterion Channel

With the almost-approaching-peak of streaming media options available, I only recently found that there is a Criterion service as well.

One of the first streaming services that I bought into was actually a Criterion service on Hulu Plus back in 2011. This was tremendous. As most movie buffs know, Criterion physical media is not inexpensive (and probably rightfully so). I caught up on many a Criterion classic where I couldn't be bothered otherwise. Especially when the timing of physical disc was slowly ebbing away and Blu Ray was disrupting the DVD market since 2003.

This dilemma has plagued movie enthusiast and casual viewer alike. Should we buy physical media and go the same route as the CD? Does physical media provide what I want from a format, was the conversion the good one, was the 'cut' the right version - all of these questions weigh on the decision, particularly as it is physical. Once you go in on it you are beholden to it.

Then, streaming options have completely matured the last couple of years. My primary ones (at the moment) are Vudu, Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, Google Play, HBO Max, and, as of today, The Criterion Channel.

What I have found is I can't go back. I stopped by physical discs years ago. The trade-off was that I would have to hunt down a desired movie, buy it digitally, or wait for a cycle to give me what I want in whatever window would randomly make itself available.

With the current options, this issue has all but gone away. I can enjoy any of my favorites, now purchased on digital. Or, I can have A-list options with the premium services available today.

The Criterion Channel, though not as well known, has 2,417 (!) movies on its service as of today. I've only used the browser based version as of writing, but one could Filter and Sort through a variety of pre-set Genres, Decades, Countries or Directors. There is a standard Search feature as well, if you know the Title, Director or Actor. As a Criterion fan, it would be nice for a more dynamic browse function. I feel you are restricted today into what you know or what you may fall in to.

That is a minor note on another wise exciting service. I can't wait to dig in more and start adding to My List and catch up on a few thousand films.

Last note, the service is available on iPhone, AppleTV, Android, Android TV, Fire TV, XBOX One, Roku and Samsung Smart TV.

The monthly option is 10.99, where a full year is 99.00.

Please subscribe to!

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