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Valentine for the Literati ~ Shopping Ideas 2023

Being cheeky <--. Finding gifts is a bit of a passion. There's nothing like pairing the right gift and tone to its intended. Valentines Day is just a fun excuse to give an extra-special gift to those that we are particularly fond of. It can also be an excuse to get a gift for those that you forgot during the holidays, or a birthday that runs around the holidays that you forgot. Or, you just forgot about the person all together and thought of them when I brought it up right now.

Valentines for those literary-inclined is a fun challenge - you know of someone that would truly appreciate a gift of reading and the romantic essence is in the air for V-Day. Here you go then, kid, a few ideas to explore. Match the mood and hopefully help them forget the craziness of the world for a moment.

Literary gifts are a bit of an extra challenge - it is hard to find something when the main focus is a book. A personal, exacting business for that recipient. But, with some context clues and some digging around (be bold these days, why not?) - you can find that special gift.

My top five this year, based on their novelty or new slant on the theme are:

Cratejoy Literary / Book Subscription Box (Cratejoy) ~ this is definitely novel - Cratejoy curates many (not just several) book-related sub boxes for your intended. The original link I find actually doesn't exist, weirdly, so I linked the generic 'books' category and perhaps you'll find something interested. I like sub boxes with a variety of different items, not just books, so the Adult Box is one that goes beyond the book and get you some interaction with objects that correlate to books.

Date Night Card Generator (Uncommon Goods) ~ the fodder of married and dating couples alike, the age-old (and too old in my opinon), is to figure out 'what to do tonight'. It's a pet peeve of mine, so I make sure never to let that happen and always have a few things top of mind for a Friday or Saturday night. This simple, and inexpensive, set of cards can save you and your partner a ton of headaches. I recommend taking a Sharpie to this deck and add a few more specifics to really hone in on what to do.

Bibliophile Ceramic Vase (Amazon) ~ flowers in a round container is a bit dated, we need more objects, and, what better (and unique) then one shaped like a book! They are so pretty and run three different options. I also like that the book shape lends itself well in keeping the flowers fairly tight in a line - not rolling about as with a wide open vase.

Lovebox (Amazon or Uncommon Goods) ~ some descriptions don't do this box justice. If you are commonly away from your loved one, this box will keep you in touch in a beautiful way - this little wi-fi enabled box's heart will spin when you send your intended a message, photo or emoji. It's a very unique way to show how much you care on a daily basis - because let's face it, they are close in mind constantly, why not show it?

The Stars Aligned - Custom Sky Glassware (Uncommon Goods) ~ love this, a unique, customized gift that your special one has never received - a snapshot of the stars on the day and location of your special event. You can even customize what that event is - the night you met, the night you kissed, the time you got Panda Express for the 10th time...

Uncommon Goods Ideas:

Apply paint to your body, roll around with your partner on a canvas and becomes "art" . I think the idea may be better than the execution, but what do I know?

First edition book covers are just beautiful, they make great art surely

If only love potions worked, but this combination of scents just sounds right

Simple way to list out the ways you love your intended, with a prompting system - but please think about it before committing it to pen on paper

This brass and diamond ring is adjustable for sizes 5-9, it is a raw and organic look

What's more quaint than a personalized song? I am quite 'attuned' to it myself as I dropped a song last year :D ~

This was top of my list too - although you'll really need someone that loves reading and history - if you do, grab that person and hold them tight ;D

This one comes with a few caveats, but I like the idea - create a custom video and this 'book' will have it at the ready should you're love ones what to reminisce. I think with some thought and creativity, one could come up with some wonderful memories...

This is an ornate, customized cursive vase that adds a dash of class to your decor

The typewritten customized is really on the front, but, all together, you get that typewritten feel with these amazingly scented candles

Now, this is interesting, a custom ring that you put together with a specialist teaching you through the process. It's a bit a pricey, but very compelling gift

Did this for my recent milestone birthday, but you can do it too - a made to order, typewritten poem for your intended along with a pressed dried flower - not a bad price in my opinion

Novel Tea Book Tins (Uncommon Goods) ~ these just popped for me. Their color and purpose are just too cute - well made graphics wrap around a tea tin, recalling a novel of old. I love tea tins because they are infinitely reusable for kaboodles...or your stash. Stash is whatever you make it - whatever it is, its probably more exciting than mine.

Genius Writer's Playing Card (Amazon) ~ I collect playing cards, they don't take up a ton of space, and I usually take out a few a week to just shuffle. These are writers, so you can familiarize yourself with their faces.

General Literary Gift Sites: found these quite helpful in generating ideas



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