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Now on Kindle "Better Ashes than Dust"

Everything you've heard about writing is true. That's not hyperbole - everything associated with the solitary, lonely, enrapturing process is as you would have guessed. I've been writing earnestly since I was about 16. The problem and the journey were a long one - as these things often are. I've written consistently for over 35 years - never stopping. But these have been snippets, premature starts, scraps of sentences that would roll in my mind for years. Then, I adopted National Novel Writing Month about 13 years ago and I haven't stopped. This put a framework around my writing, a process. Since then, I've written more than several complete works - scripts, novels, short stories, poems, and songs. I've always loved the process of writing - I always will. Better Ashes is the first that I've put the real energy and rigor into. This won't be the last...more is on the way. Please click 'STORIES' on the main page for links to several other works to enjoy. It is greatly appreciated.

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