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The Tower As it Stands

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Dismiss it not

for it is

stone upon rock

rock upon earth,

a firmament

built upon a decade, pouring

strength, sinew, care to stone

desire, tears, and hope its mortar

crafted steady

stone by stone

lashed stone to earth

feel each, ensuring it's solidity

torrential chaos kept

to quiet propriety

best to shelter from storms beyond

what did you see

when you could catch the calm knowing

gaze, fiercely focused

as if it could be hid?

(or in the thousand details

left openly about -

with regard and affectation

towards a greater whole?)

placed upon this monument

dismiss it not

for it was never composed

for recompense or self-serving show

but as testament

that love abides

and should never ask,

but be

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