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sw*itch ~ Proud Principality of Catalonia!


by George Croly (1780 - 1860)

Proud Barcelona, on the sunny shore

That lines with silver Spain's resplendent sea,

What can for sport or splendor vie with thee?

But now, thy day of war and terror o'er,

Like sudden madness burst thy grateful glee.

Thy morning streets were filled with pageantry;

At eve thy Rambla rang with dance and song;

Night, midnight, found the still unwearied throng

Wandering by seashore or illumined shade,

Busy with masque and feast and serenade.



Snippet 'Sacred Designs'

The Basilica of the Sacred Family

stands unfinished as we...

its scaffolds promises of tomorrow

marking what likely be...

and yet, it may only be suggestive

and the Artist as nebulous as he is

could be building to larger designs...

bigger than we...

bolder than we...

it's surely hard to allow

as bull-headed as we are

but, in fighting, an affectation on the art?



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