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Roma ~ la 8 1/2 switch

Bold lines, forceably leading you about my immensity - only first a thought!

The ancient seat of global power and might - who could have been grander?

Who's lines extended further harsher in might

In will

to extend as where I see From the seat of Caesar

I extend beyond the sight

of my generals

I stretch my arm in all directions

and that is where I sit

who shall defy me?

The ancient city I've seen it

underneath its cobblestone

its aqueducts, unlit and flowing where I direct it

The Chimera screams in the Etruscan night, and the stars respond

Awake, Arezzo! Alight themselves in the grace of dark, slick marble

It's claws tear at the earth

Then Caesar came and tempered the beast and commanded it to still

And built it's roads and parapets upon it

Who is mightier than me?

Who commands all of this - Rome!


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