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[PROMPTS] Valentine's Day 2021

A companion to the last post, here are 20 PROMPTS for this coming Valentine's - all made under the guise of extending your writing skills with some seasonal ideas. With ones you are most happy with, treat yourself with a self-serving Valentine sweet!


- When I think back on my first love, the earliest memory is _______.

- Who can I say a simple 'hello' to that I haven't in years? Write down what you think the response will be before you reach out. Write down their response once they do.

- Think of a favored fictional character. If romantic (or not), write them a Valentine's Day message.

- Pens don't leave the page for 10 minutes! Write down all the facets of love most meaningful to do you know when you are being loved?

- Read a snippet of Gibran, Neruda, Byron. Respond with a free-thought piece in long hand. No censorship. Finish the response, put it away for an hour and come back to it.

- Think on your favorite Valentine's treat. Now, take it up a notch. What is the Platonian ideal of that same treat? How would it best be eaten?

- Write an argument for Valentine's Day. Send it to the local newspaper.

- I can be more loving if I would change this behavior _______.

- The best Valentine I ever received was _______. The worst Valentine I ever received was _______.

- Write a Valentine haiku to your young self.

- Ask, "Do I love myself?" If the answer is 'no', think about why and write about it. You should, by the way.

- Think of a Valentine's Day board game. How would it bring a group of strangers together?

- Read 'The Passionate Shepherd to His Love' by Christopher Marlowe. That is all.

- Read my last blog post about letter writing. Challenge yourself to at least one letter for the season.

- Go to your usual online gift store. Buy yourself a gift basket for Valentine's. That's an order!

- Think about your circle of friends and family. Who should *really* be together and why? Think of the worst combination and try to justify it.

- Think about the absolute best Valentine card you would want sent to you by the Platonian ideal of a lover. What would they send and what would they say if you were the obstinate one? What could they tell you to fall in love with them?

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