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Poem: Athena Born, Cast with Adorned Armor Full

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Formidable and incomparable warrior, Athena

Nascent may be

As before, unborn, as my affection for you -

Definitive whole, yet not realized.

And, unrealized makes her not any less so

To the contrary

Undeniable in power, inducing even Zeus' pain...

For he knew, as did Hephaestus,

As do I.


In heart's bosom rooted firm

a warrior's strength

untempered, palpable, a promise

Though sight unseen

To anyone but the father-mother

united in prescience pain.


Lovingly trace each formidable

muscle and sinew

Ready to strike the heart

of gods, mountains and monsters -


It frightened me

dormant slept

growing steadily strong

Ever ready and ever made

Well borne and acknowledged hale

A tempest's power in her breast

Zeus' head is struck

Athena born!


Fulfilled and whole,

she stands bold and rooted firm

As so my love for you.


- October 14th, 2021

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