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November 2021: NaNoWriMo

In approaching NaNoWriMo for this year, it's obviously been a very difficult one for all of us. However, sometimes miracles happen, worlds collide, oceans of time roil together in the right way...and you find a muse for your story.

For this NaNo, I've gotten a well constructed novel and started work on it right away, hoping to work ahead and finish with requisite amount of time to even go back for a second draft.

I never like to give too many details, so I can focus in on not was said, but the characters and moments that boil in my mind. I know this character well and I know what I wanted her to say.

Also, I've looked back, as I often do, to review what was written before...I have plenty to go back and build upon!

As time moves ever forward, I look forward to wrapping up many of these formally over the next year! :D

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