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Flow ~ Draft

Alphonse Mucha Scetch

rat-tat-ta-tat, click

the random noises ever present

I should think in attic here

in forgotten corner of the universe

it is its song

a stacatto played when mindlessly

it looks away in attendence

like its every present hum

not a beat but a presence of infinite radiation

dark and dusty

wood-slat laid

a golden shaft (they'll say 'pierce', but I'll say) moves

along the floor,

a time for me, but knowing

it is finite and lost

how wasted are these infinite moments

gilded lovingly as offeratories

provided by the font of holiness

to thee

and thee but waste them

so eat then naught but gnash and grind they teeth

breath naught then but ash and dust

fulfill thyself upon the emptiness of yourself

and its promises will be the same

you are your own reward


the offeratory divine

is a wealth of mercy filling

all the dark corners of the universe

and golden light

and time



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