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Invicible ~ sw with an itch

"...Jacquemus jeans, Ferragamo brown

Venetian walls with porcelain tile

286, Donnie Darko town..." ~ Omar Apollo, Invicible

... me as you trust yourself...

feet dusty from travel, innit the best kind of dirty

wandered the wilds of a little parcel just south of here

drank my fill of wines from the locals

they charge more than they used to

the price of progress

isn't that the way

you, you, you

never carried away, know the ground underneath your feet

you know the ground under others

cant hate you too much for that

its a talent and damn innit you good for it, eh

its one way to get notice

and these, and these

varying inks that leaked themselves out when I brushed my

hair in a small-format farm-to-table

wrote it down before it escaped me

~ April 30th 2022


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