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Ethan Ashe Alcohol Infusion Kit ~ House Bitters

I received an Ethan Ashe Alkemista Infusion Vessel over the holidays (thank you sis and brother-in-law) and was eager to give it a go. It came with the Ethan + Ashe House Bitters blend. Any of the Ethan Ashe packets will infuse about 375ml, but, I found that the infuser itself holds about a liquid fifth of alcohol (750ml).

It is quite simple, as the Alkemista bottle is designed to be fool-proof: (a) clean, (b) affix the top, unscrew the bottom, (c) fill in the filter with dry blend, (d) attach the filter to the bottom, screw it back on, (e) upright and fill with your alcohol, (f) await at least 5 days, (g) enjoy as proscribed as an ingredient with other drinks...or read on. Mind how gravity works and you shouldn't have any problems.

Leave some time in the process to enjoy the deep scents and notes of the packet. I had to walk around the house having everyone give it a smell - it is unlike anything else (other than a spice market in Chelsea, but more sweeter tones). So, before you put it in the filter, give it one last sniff...

That all said, I purposefully used a 'lower shelf' vodka just to see what the infusion would do to it. In the end, the high quality blend of the Ethan Ashe blend ingredients elevated the entire affair with roots, barks, and spices. It gave it an other worldly, deep taste almost as if drinking the best notes of a cigar. The sharp notes of the barks, balanced with the vanilla and anise seasoning - the alcohol was no longer a simple vodka.

After tasting it for the first time, we found we enjoyed it as it stood, served neat and sipped, enjoying all of its surprising notes.

There was a recipe accompanying it that we will try, but so far, we've enjoyed its full throated taste.

Highly recommend gift for those that 'have everything' as the bottle itself is quite versatile and can be used over and again - being comprised of stainless steel and glass.



- House Bitters Blend: 20g of orange peel, coriander, cardamom, gentian root, cherry bark, cassia chips, star anise, cinchona bark, mace, allspice, vanilla, clove

- House bitters are typically used for: Champagne Cocktails, Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Sazerac

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