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Edwardian Jackal Guide: 2021 Father's Day

Hint: dads have enough mugs, ties and brandy sifters to last a lifetime. If you give us something we have to build or get us out of the chair, I would call you a fool. If you gave us a magic lamp with three wishes, two of the wishes would be for peace and quiet. The third wish cannot be discussed. Let me help you kids out.

A change to my usual format, here I've arranged all the screen-caps in a single gallery, if there's something you like, just head down the blog and you'll find the link directly to the site. Hey...try to have fun. In the end, you're dad is just happy you thought about him once this year. ಠ_ಠ

Uncommon Goods ~ 100 Movies Bucket List - post-Covid, maybe it's time to review what we all caught up on during the pandemic:

Uncommon Goods ~ Infuse and Pour - I've done these and they are a quick and fun way to infuse (cheap) alcohol lingering around the house and give you something palatable:

Uncommon Goods ~ Homemade Limoncello Kit - not a common liquer, but one that is versatile and fun to make:

Etsy ~ Blueberry & Lavender Cocktail Mix - I'm a huge floral fan, so anytime I can get some in my cocktail, I am not unhappy:

Etsy ~ Barmalade Cocktail Mixes - I think jellies should be more used in cocktails, they give a concentrated flavor and thicken the drink when desired:

Amazon ~ Princeton Classic Paperbacks Memory Game - arresting covers and a rush of nostalgia, it may almost get him to read a...oh, I'm just kidding:

Amazon ~ Cyberpunk Purple Playing Cards - a good deck of cards is always welcome, I flutter them all day, so why not a nice, dark set to ruminate world domination over?

Amazon ~ Gentlemen Only Givenchy - yeah, dad stinks - but stop complaining and give him a no argument scent for when he has to go those company gatherings again?

Amazon ~ Gentleman Jon Sandalwood Shave Soap - shaving equipment is hit or miss, especially the hardware, so go for the software, simply and elegant soap to clean up that puss:

Amazon ~ Postcards from Penguin: One Hundred Book Covers in One Box - ok these are postcards, but they are fun to thumb through, remember some of the days when we had hair:

Huntington Store ~ Ben Franklin Mug - ok, I said 'no mugs', but look at this mug, it's f---ing brilliant!

Huntington Store ~ Great Drinkers Shot Glass Set - ok, I said 'no drinking glasses', but the quotes alone are funny enough when sharing a drink amongst friends:

Huntington Store ~ Mini Bonsai Garden - like to frustrate your pap? Get him this and watch him pull the rest of his hair out!

Huntington Store ~ Genius Magnetic Poetry - oh, like poetry is easy, well, make him feel like a genius with this set, have him write it down and send it out on IG, now that's genius:

LACMA ~ Store Mayan Profile 4x4 Tile - tiles are actually growing on me, they make easy and small accents around the house and add an air with them, these remind me of Frank Lloyd Wright, so you'll look like you have an ounce of brain:

LACMA ~ Follis & Ratto 'Arts & Architecture' Signed Print - ok, so it ain't cheap, but I can betcha 10-to-1 he doesn't have this and it'll look hella sweet on his office wall.

Barnes & Noble ~ Letters to My Dad - make the old man almost shed a tear and write him a letter, trust me, above all gifts this is the one he'll remember when he's farting up his death bed:

Barnes & Noble ~ Greyhound Black Bookends - I like the whole 'release the hounds' aesthetic that comes with this, it's elegant:

Barnes & Noble ~ Premier Solitaire - dads do play with themselves quite a bit, may as well get them a premier set:

Barnes & Noble ~ Conception CD, Bill Evans - a financial failure as his debut album as leader of the band, Evans went on to a strong career. Personally, I'm all about it everyday:

Barnes & Noble ~ Sunday at the Vanguard CD, Bill Evans - this live album is considered by many as one of the best, I do enjoy his whole catalog:

Barnes & Noble ~ Everybody Digs Bill Evans CD - Evans second album and where he experimented over the last two years (following his debut in Conception)

Barnes & Noble ~ x3 Mini National Parks Notebooks - mini notebooks can always be used - groceries, things to forget, bad poetry, the various novels your dad always wished to write...

*sniff - my pop's favorite song, for a spell - several years later he completely reneged on that statement and said it 'was ok'. Dads, am I right?

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