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Sway Itch ~ Travel's End

...feet's grounded as if static and stilled in marble grace

rooted again, no longer looséd upon spring's alighted stage

head ringing with 'other', heart filling with 'promise'

(it can happen again, and you can grasp

tomorrow's tapestry, stitch it in your mind already)

your talent to see the whole,

and linger close upon textures within the thread

the novelty of it all, moment's richness - hoping for greater meanings

(and finding it because constructed of that context)

- they are there, held breathless still in the air

and offered here to you a thousand simple claims

of what I can offer - the same

breathéd moments, alighted with promises of other

will decidedly not be the one you thought

but rich and textured more than

ever dreamt

if you can trust that, if you can look beyond

because it's all I got

all I got

is love

~ May 18th, 2022

"The fireflies and the nightingales

Throbbed each to either, flame and song.

The nightingales, the nightingales."

~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning, 'Bianca Among the Nightingales'


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