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sw*itch ~ a short treatise

The problem of philosophy is it simply does not hold up against the desctructive ape-like nature of violence. But, over time, philosophy, of course, will win out. What wins both is time, the only victor it seems is placement of one's self in the nebulous matrix of space-time - which, after very little effort, I've abandoned the attempt. (Perhaps it will find me.)

There too is violence in indifference - and much of that.

Think of your indifference to my affection, as honest and earnest an occupation it has taken up in commitment to you...suffer me for a second...

The simple and stupid ape-like nature of love has redeeming qualities. For example, it can forgive your indifference. I will happily defer my impatience and what I've offered, as silently and as hidden as it is, if you put that thorough distinerest aside and instead commit me in the throne of your heart, as I have affixed on a colorful, dream-laden palace - with all of its colorful starlight, festival bric-a-brac, living poetries extending infinitly in all directions, a cacophony of my wildest fears captured in one static instant...other stuff.

In that chaos, I could ask that you edify what is offered to you. Then, together, lashing fast, we intrepidly to the fore and cast ourselves with colorful array into time's mosaic.

Suffer me a time to prove this I will suffer you.



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