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Listen: Podcast ~ Best Picture Review of 1956

Did another deep dive of the top movies of 1956 with Not Enough Time for Movies' Mike - exploring how and why Around the World in 80 Days could have possibly won.

With movies like The Ten Commandments, Giant and The Searchers it was quite the momentous year for film - and many other options now that history has had time to settle on the real winners of that year.

What films do you believe we chose to take that top slot? Will Robbie the Robot ever win best actor? What recreational narcotic was taken in the 50s to have ever put Around the World on anyone's list? [Ed. note - I incorrectly state that color television hadn't been 'invented' yet in 1956, what I meant was that it wasn't widely adopted quite yet, so Technicolor and Cinemascope at the movie theater was a technology to pull folks in for a 'grander' experience.]

Take a dive with us as we explore all things movie!

Remember to subscribe to so I know you more. Pull up a chair. I'll pour the Wild Vines. Let's listen to Weird Al together...just you and me.

Did you know that, "The Capitol Records Building in Los Angeles has a light on top of that spells out the word ‘Hollywood’ in Morse code starting in 1956, two years after its completion. It has only paused to spell out "Capital 50" for its 50th Anniversary in 1992."

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