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Heartfelt gratitude to everyone that helped and attended for our 'JON50 Celebration of Fathers and Sons' on Sunday, November 20th at The Ranch.  This site curates the best of the night, so please check back often for updates.  History at bottom of the page.

Please see below for:
- Gallery and Curated Photos
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- Cocktail Lists
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The Cigar Box of Wonders ~ Like many kids, an old cigar box makes a wonderful place to hoard your various treasures, this is that box.

Hard value:
- Meteorite fragment, coins

- Page from The Hobbit, The Two Towers, World War I Poetry, Battle Maps; homemade bookmark from Treasure Island; x3 stickers;

- Shot glass and liquor, cigar, dragon die, bottlecaps


Use this box to keep your postcard, typewritten poem, photos, menu all in one spot.  Use this box to house new memories or safeguard old ones!

JON50 Challenge Coin Final.jpg

JON50 Challenge Coin - Brass 1.5" Coin with Fillet Edge and Course Field
OBVERSE - Greek Helmet, Chi Rho Above, '2022' Underneath - 'EST ENIM  AMOR LIBRORUM' 'For the love of books' - Inscribed with Deuteronomy 1:31
REVERSE - Greek Warrior, Inscribed "A father's best intent is their child be intrepid exolorers of possibility" - 11/20/22 ... Created at The Studio

Holding Gift Box

We raised $500 in our blind collection.

Site History:

- Second Update THU 15DEC22 - fixes, links added
- Initial Update FRI 25NOV22
- Event SUN 20NOV22
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est enim amor librorum
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